1. Am I a matriculated student when I start the RU-Path program? 

No. You will not be a matriculated student until you successfully complete the requirements of the RU-Path program and have been accepted into one of the three admitting schools (School of Arts and Sciences, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences or Rutgers Business School). 

  1. How long is the RU-PATH program?  

The RU-PATH program is eleven months long. The RU-PATH program begins in early July and students are expected to complete the program the following at the of the following May.   

  1. How many college credits will I earn as part of the program? 

The number of credits earned will vary depending on how quickly you progress through the program.  Generally speaking, students earn 10-15 college credits.  

  1. When can I matriculate? 

Most students matriculate at the end of the spring semester (for the following fall), if they have successfully completed the program requirements and have successfully been admitted. 

  1. What schools can I matriculate into? 

RU-PATH students are able to matriculate into the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, and the Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick ONLY.   

  1. Where will I live? Can I live off campus?   

The RU-Path program is a residential program. Living on campus is a very important part of the process of adjusting to American college life. Therefore, RU-Path students must live on campus. During the summer term, students will live in apartment-style residence halls. During the fall and spring semesters, students will live in the Lynton Towers traditional-style dormitory on the Livingston Campus. RU-Path students are not permitted to live off campus. 

  1. Do I need to pay my tuition all at once? 

No, your tuition will be billed in increments over the course of the year. You will receive invoices with instructions on how and when to pay. 

  1. Must I attend the summer program? 

Yes, it is mandatory that students attend the summer program.  

  1.  Are there academic standards that I must maintain while I am in the RU-Path program? 

Yes, students must maintain a 2.5 GPA and meet certain academic requirements while attending the program. Students not meeting these requirements will not be permitted to matriculate 

  1. Where is Rutgers located?  

Spanning New Brunswick, Piscataway, and adjacent towns in central New Jersey, Rutgers University–New Brunswick sits at the center of America’s northeast corridor, which runs from Boston to Washington, D.C. 



Admitted Student FAQs: 


  1. What immunization and health records do I need to provide? 

All students at Rutgers University are required to provide proof of immunizations.  Required immunizations can be found on this website:  https://slwordpress.rutgers.edu/health/wp-content/uploads/sites/57/2016/06/Immunization-Letter-NB-FORM-FA-2016.pdf 

Information about immunization requirements will also be included in your I-20 admission packet. 

  1. Where do I need to send my financial documents so I can get my Form I-20? 

Financial documents should be sent to The Program in American Language Studies, 107 Tillett Hall, Piscataway, New Jersey 08854 attn: Mary Ellen Maguire. The PALS office issues I-20s for the RU-Path program. 

  1.  Can I be picked up at the airport? 

We cannot make arrangements for your pick-up, but we can help connect you to transportation services connected directly to the airport.   

  1.  How can I reserve my dormitory room? 

Once you have accepted admission to RU-Path and have sent in your deposit, you will be sent information about reserving your dormitory room. 

  1.  Will I be a matriculated student after the summer session? 

No. RU-Path students will not be able to complete the requirements for matriculation in the summer. Students will need at least one, and more likely two semesters to complete the requirements for matriculation. 

  1.  How can I pay my tuition? 

Once you have accepted your admission, you will receive an invoice and instructions on how and when to pay.  

  1.  Where can I find the courses that are offered to RU-Path students? 

For the summer term, students will take only non-credit English language courses. If students qualify to take university courses for the fall semester, they will be notified at that time which English, math or elective courses are available to them. Students will meet with an academic advisor to assist them with the process of course selection. 

  1.  Do I have to re-take the TOEFL Exam? 

RU-Path students do not have to take the TOEFL iBT again to matriculate. However, students will need to achieve a specified score on the TOEFL Institutional language assessment which will be administered in class.  

  1. Do I have to re-apply to Rutgers when I complete my RU-Path requirements? 

Students meeting the requirements for matriculation will need to re-submit their application to Undergraduate Admissions, but will not need to go through the complete application process again. 

  1.  Can I work part-time while I am an RU-Path student? 

No. RU-Path students are not matriculated students and are therefore restricted from working (on or off campus) and are not eligible to get a Social Security card. 

  1.  Can I get a New Jersey Driver’s License? 

Yes, RU-Path students are eligible to get a New Jersey driver’s license. However, non-matriculated students who are living in the dormitories are not permitted to have a car on campus. 

22.  Is there a maximum number of credits I can take in a semester during the RU-PATH program?

No student can take more than 11 credits while attending in the RU-PATH program.  The number of credits you are able to take will be determined by how well you are performing in the program.