Late Course Drops

If you have missed the deadline to cancel or withdraw from a course and you would like a special exception to be made, you must apply for an appeal. Supporting documentation (e.g., hospital bill, death notice) must be provided in all cases.

Late Drop Requests During the Withdrawal Period

If it is before the last day to withdraw, a Registration Amendment Request must be filled out.

Late Drop Requests After the Withdrawal Period

If it is after the last day to withdraw has ended, you must fill out a late withdrawal request.

SAS and Visiting Students

SAS and Visiting Students must fill out a Registration Amendment Request.

Non-SAS Rutgers Students

All Non-SAS Rutgers students must download the Non-SAS Late Withdrawal Request Form and follow the directions provided on the form. (Please note, the Office of Summer and Winter Sessions does not process or make decisions in regards to Late Withdrawal Requests for Non-SAS Rutgers Students.)