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Am I required to pay the student fee?Expand

The summer session student fee is charged to all summer session students in order to support student enhancement programs, services, and facilities, which complement and support the academic experience, such as the library, writing centers and labs, health services, recreation centers, student centers, student events and concerts, and campus buses, among others. 

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Are high school students allowed to take Summer Session courses?Expand

High school juniors or younger may apply to take summer courses through the Summer Scholars Program. Graduating seniors may register for the Summer Session as a visiting student. 

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Do I need to purchase a parking permit?Expand

If you plan to park on campus this summer, you must purchase a parking permit. Visit the Parking and Transportation Office for more information.

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How do I change the course(s) I registered for?Expand

If classes have not yet begun, you may visit WebReg to change your course. During the add/drop period, you may visit the Registrar's Office to change your course. If there is a special circumstance and you would like to change a course after the add/drop period, you must apply for an appeal.

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How do I confirm my registration?Expand

Log into the WebReg using your RUID and Personal Access Code (PAC) to confirm your registration. Your RUID is the 9-digit number you used to register and your PAC is the month and day of your birthday (e.g. August 31 = 0831).

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How do I drop or withdraw from a course I registered for?Expand

Please check the cancellation and withdrawal deadlines, then visit WebReg to complete the transaction. If there is a special circumstance and you would like to drop or withdraw after the deadlines, you must apply for an appeal.

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How do I know what the school, subject, course, section, and index numbers are?Expand

Please refer to the University Schedule of Classes sample graphic below to locate the school, subject, course, section, and index numbers. Undergraduate courses have a course number of 001 - 499. Graduate courses have a course number of 500 - 800.

Sample Course Code

How do I obtain a special permission number?Expand

Please contact the offering academic department to request a special permission number. You may search for departmental contact info using the university directory.

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How do I obtain my Summer Session grades?Expand

Obtain summer grades and records at the New Brunswick Office of the Registrar.

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How do I receive my NetID?Expand

All faculty, staff, students, and guests are assigned a Rutgers unique identifier known as a NetID, comprised of initials and a unique number (e.g. jqs23). In order to access many of the electronic services available to you at Rutgers, you need to activate your Rutgers NetID. Your assigned NetID will appear on the activation screen. The NetID will enable you to open an email and computer account, view course materials and your grades online, and access other services. We encourage you to create a Rutgers email address so your email address appears on an enrollment roster and in the online directory.

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How do I register for a course that has already begun?Expand

You must secure documented permission from the instructor to enter the course, then apply for an appeal to complete a late course addition.

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How do I register for Summer Session as a visiting student?Expand

Registration for visiting students is simple. Simply visit our registration page and fill out the Registration Inquiry Form. You will receive an automated email within a few days containing your Rutgers ID (RUID) and Personal Access Code (PAC) and instructions on how to register via WebReg.

If you need further guidance on registration, please view our video tutorials to guide you through the process.

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How do I register for the New Brunswick Summer Session?Expand

Registration is simple, however, the process will vary depending on your current status as a student. Please visit our registration section for more information.

If you need further guidance on registration, please view our video tutorials to guide you through the process.

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How do I view and pay my term bill?Expand

Log into the Student Accounting System to view and pay your term bill online.  You may reference the Summer Session bill and payment checklist for further assistance.

If you need further guidance on paying your term bill, please view our video tutorials to guide you through the process.

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How much does it cost to attend the Rutgers New Brunswick Summer Session?Expand

Tuition for Summer Session depends on the number of credits, the offering school, and your residency status. All students are also required to pay a student fee. Visit our tuition and fees page for more information.

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I am a student at another college. Are there special arrangements I should make to attend in the summer?Expand

Summer Session courses are open to academically qualified students. Rutgers is accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges, and its summer courses are drawn from regular undergraduate and graduate offerings. Summer Session credits are regularly transferred to many other colleges, however, most colleges require prior approval of transfer credits. Therefore, you should check the transferability of each course with the appropriate official from your college before you register. Please do not send approval forms to Rutgers. Rutgers cannot guarantee the amount or kind of credit which will be granted by another institution for any course taken at Rutgers. Students are responsible for requesting a transcript to be sent to their home institution. Transcripts may be requested from the Registrar's Office.

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I am a visiting student who has just filled out the Registration Inquiry Form. How long after I've filled it out should I expect to receive my RUID?Expand

It will take up to 2 business days for you to receive your RUID. If you have not heard from us after the 2nd business day, please give our office a call.

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If I am visiting student, how will I get my RUID?Expand

After you fill out the Registration Inquiry Form found on our registration page, your RUID will be automatically emailed to you within a few days.

If you need further guidance on registration, please view our video tutorials to guide you through the process.

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Is financial aid available for Summer Session?Expand

There are limited funds available for Summer Session. Visit The Office of Financial Aid website for more information.

Scholarships may be available for students this summer. Visit Scholarships for more information. 

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Is housing available during the summer and how can I learn more about it?Expand

On-campus housing is available for Summer Session students. Housing applications are available after April 1. Visit Residence Life for more information or to apply.

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