2019 Cancellation and Withdrawal Deadlines

Students are responsible for adhering to the dates below for cancelling or withdrawing from summer courses. Withdrawal deadlines are broken down by section. Visit the Schedule of Classes to determine the section of your course.

Please note, withdrawals are completed by the Registrar's Office either in person, by phone, or by email.

Last day to cancel without a "W" grade and receive a 100% refund

Session I
Sections A,B,C,M,N,P,Q,T,U,V
Session II
Sections D,E,F
Session III
Sections G,H,J,R,S,W
May 24 for all sections
except N is May 17
June 21

July 5
(July 19 for Section J and July 26 for Section S)



  Session I Session II Session III
Section A May 31    
Section B June 5    
Section C June 7    
Section D   June 28  
Section E   July 3  
Section F   July 5  
Section G     July 12
Section H     July 17
Section J     July 26
Section M June 5    
Section N June 11    
Section P June 5    
Section Q June 7    
Section R     July 10
Section S     Aug 1
Section T June 14    
Section U June 12    
Section V June 12    
Section W     July 17


Last day to withdraw with no refund and "W" grade

  Session I Session II Session III
Section A June 14    
Section B June 28    
Section C July 12    
Section D   July 12  
Section E   July 26  
Section F   Aug 7  
Section G     July 26
Section H     Aug 7
Section J     Aug 7
Section M Aug 2    
Section N Aug 7    
Section P Jun 28    
Section Q July 12    
Section R     July 12
Section S     Aug 7
Section T Aug 7    
Section U July 26    
Section V July 26    
Section W     Aug 7
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