2023-24 Fees

Student Fee*



2023-24 Tuition

Undergraduate Courses (001 - 499)

SchoolNJ Resident
(per credit)
Non-NJ Resident
(per credit)
Arts & Sciences (01)$441.00$1054.00
Communication and Information (04)$441.00$1054.00
GSE (05)$441.00$1054.00
Mason Gross School of the Arts (07)$455.00$1041.00
Social Work (09)$441.00$1054.00
Planning & Public Policy (10)$441.00$1054.00
SEBS (11)$505.00$1213.00
College of Engineering (14)$513.00$1261.00
College of Pharmacy (30) - 1st & 2nd Year$514.00$1224.00
College of Pharmacy (30) - 3rd & 4th Year$537.00$1319.00
School of Business (33)$455.00$1054.00
Management & Labor Relations (37)$441.00$1054.00
School of Nursing - NB (77)$532.00$940.00
Continuing Studies (80)$441.00$1054.00


Graduate Courses (500 - 800)

SchoolNJ Resident
(per credit)
Non-NJ Resident
(per credit)
Graduate Mason Gross School of the Arts (08)$894.00$1414.00
Education (15)$826.00$1405.00
Financial Statistics & Risk Management (16)$1156.00$1965.00
Data Science (16)$1156.00$1965.00
Business and Science (16)$900.00$1405.00
Business and Science Online (16)$900.00$900.00
Mathematical Finance (16)$1156.00$1965.00
Grad School of NB (16)$826.00$1405.00
Engineering (16)$861.00$1465.00
Industrial & Systems Engineering Online (16)$998.00$998.00
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Online (16)$998.00$998.00
Graduate Pharmacy - PhD (16)$898.00$1540.00
Graduate Nursing - PhD (16)$1060.00$1552.00
Communication & Information (17)$826.00$1405.00
Applied & Professional Psychology (18)$1044.00$1741.00
Social Work (19)$806.00$1370.00
Pharmacy (31) - 5th & 6th Year$883.00$1738.00
Pharmacy (31) - PhD$898.00$1540.00
Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy (34)$826.00$1398.00
Bloustein Health Administration (34)$895.00$1514.00
Management & Labor Relations (38)$983.00$1654.00
Human Resource Management Online(38)$1183.00$1183.00
Labor Employment Relations Online (38)$1183.00$1183.00
Continuing Studies (81)$826.00$1405.00

How to Find the School and Course Numbers

Please refer to the University Schedule of Classes sample graphic below to locate the school, subject, and course numbers. Undergraduate courses have a course number of 001 - 499. Graduate courses have a course number of 500 - 800.


*The Summer Session student fee is a one-time fee charged to all summer session students in order to support student enhancement programs, services, and facilities, which complement and support the academic experience, such as library, writing centers and labs, health services, recreation centers, student centers, student events and concerts, and campus buses, among others.

Please note:
  • If you are a matriculated student in a Rutgers fully online degree program, you will pay tuition and fees associated with your program. Please see tuition and fees on the student accounting website to view a list of rate for fully online degree programs.
  • Payment of tuition and fees for all registered courses must be made by the payment due date of the earliest course, otherwise, late fees will be assessed. For example, students registered for Session I and Session II must pay the entire term bill by the Session I due date. Please refer to dates and deadlines for payment due dates.